Power Engineer Technologists and Stationary Engineers are interchangeable terms depending on what jurisdiction you have certification.  They get many FREE perks in this lucrative trade.
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This web site has vital information for residents of the Untied States, Canada and other countries.
In The US of A

A Power Engineer is typically a person who is trained in the operation of an electrical generating plant.  This can be with boilers generating steam to power steam turbines or with diesel or jet engines driving electric generators (alternators) along with their ancillary equipment.  There are four to five levels of certification.  First class is the highest level attainable.

In Canada

A Power Engineer Technologist is a person trained to operate any power and pressure related equipment in any industry.  There are four to five levels of certification.  First class is the highest level attainable.

Being employed as a Power Engineer (Technologist) (P.E.T.) has got to be the greatest and most lucrative industrial, technical career any man or woman can have.  I love this great career!  It's got everything you could ever want and I'll prove it to you.
Don't let the term Power Engineer Technologist scare you.
We do have a some extremely intelligent people
working in this occupation.
But, it doesn't mean you have to be a
flaming Einstein to be one of us.
Most of us are regular everyday people
with average intelligence.

Hello.  My name is David Perry.  I have been in this business since 1984.  I'm here to tell you all you need to know about becoming a Power Engineer Technologist, what it can be like being employed as a Power Engineer Technologist and all about the premium lifestyle you can generate from it.

This web site is here to:

  • Give you a distinct advantage in life and career.
  • Open your eyes to all the great benefits Power Engineer Technologists have.
  • Save you time and money.
  • Allow you to make more money.
  • Make your career and your life easier, as this occupation has significant challenges.
  • Give you a knowledge and wisdom advantage in Power Engineer Technology.

    Why slave your life away at
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    You can make big bucks,
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    Power Engineer Technologist

    We show YOU how to make your experience as exciting, challenging and profitable as your
    personal needs dictate.

    It doesn't matter if you are sixteen or sixty.
    It's never too early or too late to get started
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It's pretty easy to create success when you have the right amount of ambition, drive and desire along with the right information.  I am here to tell you the SECRETS of this challenging, lifestyle conducive, high income, very interesting and unique technical, vocational or occupational career as a Power Engineer Technologist.  I will provide you enough of the right information that can get you "Professional" benefits such as: 
  • Potential earnings of over $100,000.00 a year, as I have done, year after year since the early years of being in this business.  (That's your six figure income!)

  • That can create a very comfortable lifestyle for you.
    You should also know that the very few people that are in my wage bracket don't even appear on the Federal Government's national wage trend statistics.  We aren't even on their radar scene, except when it comes to collecting taxes from us.  That's how unique this information is that I want to share with you.
  •  Lots of time off.

  • You could work 30% fewer days than those who work Monday to Friday jobs.  This gives you the time to enjoy "the good things in life" as well as do many things you wouldn't otherwise have time for with a regular job.
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And I'll tell you how you can get the following items for FREE! {*Depending on the circumstances of your occupation and employment.}

  • Most or all your training and education for FREE!

  • That means no money to borrow or student loans for you to pay back! Woo hoo!!  That's more of your money staying in your pocket.  And for information on finding FREE MONEY for your education CLICK HERE now!
  • All your transportation to and from work for FREE!

  • Remember 60% to 80% of your car mileage and maintenance expense can be due to traveling to and from work day after day!  This is a big money saver and more money in your pocket to spend on those important things you want in life!!  Some employers supply a company vehicle for you to drive to work and back home at no cost to you.
  • Your personal vehicle at wholesale prices.

  • This can put you ahead of the game by thousands of dollars!   Some corporations allow you to purchase their lease vehicles for wholesale when they have finished with them. 
  • Air transportation for your vacation destinations for FREE!

  • That can save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars a year.  That's more money in your bank account!!
  • All your meals and as much as you can eat for FREE!

  • For many of us that's thousands of extra dollars for you to splurge with every year!!
  • Hotel accommodation for FREE!

  • If you travel fly to work and collect flyer points, that's an obvious plus.
  • All your work clothing from your socks and underwear to your winter coat for FREE!

  • Work clothing in this business could easily cost you hundreds of dollars a year and the initial cost can be in the thousands.  It's nice to have your employer foot the bill, isn't it.
  • A government certified and globally recognized diploma you can take almost anywhere you want to go for FREE!

  • That's FREEDOM talking to you!!!
  • All the coffee you can drink at ZERO COST to keep you motivated all day long!

  • Just in case you wanted to know.
Yes!________________  All of this and more can be FREE for you too!  I say that because, I have had it all!! 

(Note:  Benefits are employer, jurisdictionally, situationally, circumstantially and geographically dependent.
Employers in the sector of industry that I work, can be very generous.  Few sectors have these benefits.
A heart felt "Thank you!" goes out to my employer.)

Power Engineer Technologists operate the equipment that make the electricity for your home, the fuel for your trucks, boats and cars, the materials that make everything from ice cream, cookies and beer to the finished products that build our homes, cars and the aircraft flying through the skies.  We have a hand in almost everything that touches your life and the life of those around you.  You can be a part of it too. 

This is what good employment is all about.  It's time you heard the mind-blowing insider's SECRETS about what Power Engineer Technology  can deliver to men and women who have enough of the right information.  And,... This is the place where you will get the right information.

You're about to learn how fantastic and great life can be when you have:

  • The right vocation / trade / occupation / profession as a Power Engineer Technologist!
  • A Lucrative and Respected Occupation.
  • The Best Occupation on the planet, that can generate a generous professional income for both men and women!
  • All the right information to potentially save you tens of thousands of dollars of your hard earned money and save you years of needless studying and the associated frustration.
Note:  It is important to know that this is an extraordinary opportunity for women to be involved in a very profitable and enjoyable, non-traditional form of employment.  Compatible forms of non-traditional employment are tough to find.  This is categorized as a good find.

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and lots of vital information.
And there is more:
This is where you find out how you can make a
professional income
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all with this amazingly interesting, unique, time honored,
dream career as a Power Engineer Technologist.
Few people know about this occupation
(vocation, trade, or profession) and there are only
a few of us that really know how to make it pay off like I do.
I see many people working very hard for half as much pay in
many other jobs, trades, occupations and professions.
This obscure, little, unknown trade can give you
twice the pay for
the same amount of work.
I say that because, I witness other people with less
education working just as hard and
harder for far less money every day.

Once upon a time I had an insane idea of what I wanted for my Dream Career and how to get it.  Pretty much everyone I knew agreed that it was just another insane and crazy idea that Dave had. 

The idea was to be in a zero cost training program that would give me a very interesting time honored, well respected and unique dream career, with benefits up to the eyeballs that: 

      • I enjoyed
      • I have a true long term interest in.
      • It would generate a well above average and generous income plus, great benefits.
      • I didn't have to commit to years of education on my own time.
      • Any education I would have to take, would have to be reasonable so an average guy like me could pass all the necessary exams.
      • I didn't have to apply for student loans or pay back any student loans, pay any major tuition fees, or buy any expensive books or equipment.
      • And, oh yaaaa!  I wanted to get a challenging job that kept me interested in my chosen field immediately after graduating.
The crazy thing about some insane ideas is that, sometimes the reality turns out to be better than the crazy idea.  And that is what happened to me.  I got everything I had envisioned PLUS: 
      • With the zero cost training program, it didn't cost me a dime for tuition or books etc..  And books can be ultra expensive!  Obviously a zero cost training program is key here.
      • And I actually could have got paid while getting my free education which would have covered all my living expenses but I opted to keep my part time job.  Fact was I didn't think things would work out as well as they did.  Woo, hoo! 
Who wood'a thunk it.  It looks like my insane idea turned out to be a realistic one and those who doubted me have a lesson to learn for themselves.  The lesson learned, is to keep looking and don't give up on what you want and what your DREAMS are!

I am here to make sure you get the real story and all the right information you will need so you will know if this is the right direction for you and can give you all the things you want in life.  The information provided here will allow you to make a high quality decision about this honorable technical career or trade.  And I want to significantly increase your chances of success if you choose to leap at this outstanding opportunity. 

Do you want to get the real story and the right information? This is it!  Do you want to get it from over 20 successful people in the business who are willing to pass on their world of knowledge and expertise to you?  This is the time and the place

We are here to tell you what few people know.  And for the few that do know, I'll tell you what it is that they are unwilling to divulge!  Most guys I know that are successful in this business are not willing to give up their SECRETS

Their SECRETS are now my SECRETS
and they will soon be yours.
This information will be well worth your time.

to view Dave's FREE online Ebook filled with tons of photos
and lots of vital information.

It is vital for anyone who is in this profession to
possess good mechanical ability,
to remain cool when under pressure,
exercise good judgment and work 8 or 12 hour
rotating shifts otherwise, you may want to consider
another career direction.
Live the Good Life
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"Power Engineer"
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It is important to recognize that Power Engineer is a term commonly used in many but not all jurisdictions (i.e.: Alberta, Canada or, The State of Ohio, USA etc.).  Power Engineer, Power Engineer Technologist and Stationary Engineer are terms that are distinctly different.  Each of these professions have many similarities, as such, the terms can be interchangeable to some degree { In the USA, Power Engineer refers to a person certified to perform duties in a Power Plant that produces electricity.} .  Both can be distinctly different professions or they can be one in the same, depending on the jurisdictional, technical and legal definitions and requirements. {Yes I know, this is clear as mud at this point but, it will become clearer as you make your investigations from the information and links supplied on both sites.}  Power Engineer Technologists in Canada have a distinct advantage as they are typically licensed to work in and to operate equipment in all jurisdictions because of their qualification process.  Stationary Engineers often have to be re-licensed, re-examined and generally given the beaurocratic run-around when they attempt to find employment in another jurisdiction.

The oldest and most familiar term used throughout North America is Stationary Engineer.  It is because of this, that I have created this web site for Power Engineers and Technologists and the main web site www.StationaryEngineers.com.  Most pertinent information resides at www.StationaryEngineers.com for every state, province, territory and district.

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