Power Engineer jobs and careers for Canadians
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I am willing to tell you how it's all done and how you
can get into this fantastic career as a Power Engineer Technologist
with a
professional's income potential.
It don't come any better than this
my friend!

I will even tell you how you may cut your income taxes by about 50% with this career.  I will tell how you may work TAX FREE!

With the kind of income you could generate from a career like this you could have an upscale lifestyle if you wanted.

This is one of the benefits one can have, it's my $418,000 house designed by my wife and I.  Yup, its got a long list of custom goodies in it.  My wife and I live in an upscale neighborhood next to a park area with miles and miles of manicured footpaths and bicycling routes that make their way through the winding river valley of our city.  It's a beautiful area that is quiet, safe and very pleasant to live in.  You could have a similar home too.

We enjoy my many days off and our vacations together as if I had a professional career.  Well I don't have a professional career but I do have the income.  It's the kind of lifestyle that many of our friends are envious of and always will be for as long as they choose to stay with their current jobs.  You can have it good too.

I can tell you how every day people like you and I can have what looks like a regular job but, can provide a professional income as a Power Engineer Technologist!  With a professional income you can afford the better things in life like that sports car, that beautiful home, those fantastic vacations, nice clothes and special activities for your children or that secure retirement you have envisioned.  Plenty of us are doing it in this Power Engineering Technology career.  That is those of us who know the SECRETS to making it in this career.  I say that because, most don't know the secrets and miss out BIG TIME on all the great benefits it has to offer.

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Don't get me wrong.  There are plenty of people out there working for $40,000 a year.  They may have a very relaxed job & be very comfortable in their careers & lives.

Due to life circumstances there are many people that are quite content to do this for the rest of their lives and that's great!  Some things in life are more important than money.  Money isn't everything, it just helps some of us.  It's always a matter of priorities.
More power to them. 
You should also know that the job with the income and benefits you want may NOT be just outside your door.  You may have to move yourself and family clear across the country to get what you want.  Good employment is like gold.  It is where you find it.
You will make your own lifestyle choices just as I have.

(Keep in mind, you don't have to have to be an Albert Einstein or have a University education to be involved in this.  You don't even have to have a Grade 12 education although, I strongly encourage to get your grade twelve.  You don't want to limit your horizons.)

In the following pages I will show you people from many back grounds that have chosen Power Engineering Technology as their career.  You will read about their life circumstances and the reasons why they dumped other opportunities that most would think were very promising, to choose this outstanding career.   And you will read about me, and how I started out with knowing basically nothing, made tones of mistakes and finally stumbled upon this great career.

You will see from the information supplied on this web site that almost any average person can attain the career and lifestyle goals that many professionals do without significant financial and personal sacrifices.

There are men and women of all ages, races, nationalities, backgrounds, shapes and sizes that are involved in this career.  This web site is also designed to provide you an overview of the vast variety of challenging paths one can take with this extremely versatile, exciting and rewarding career as a Power Engineer Technologist.

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