Stationary Engineering Dark Secrets of shift work and bad human behavior

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Stationary Engineers precautionary information on the bad behavior of some people in all shift work careers

This is all about the truth.  If you are not emotionally mature enough to deal with the truth , if the truth is offensive to you then, don't bother.

Due to the level of harassment I have experienced from those who object to the sensitive information I choose to release for the purpose of education, I have deleted this information from the website.  However, if you wish to view the information I have created for your protection, your employer's protection, the protection of your fellow employees as well as for the protection of the general public, I can provide it to you if you join my Yahoo discussion group.

You will find the information on my Power-Engineers-and-Stationary-Engineers Yahoo discussion group.  It is ONLY available to members.  You need to be a member to view the information.  You can only be a member of the Yahoo discussion group if you are a mature adult at or above the age of majority.  It can be found in the "File" section that appears on the left hand side of the main page of the discussion group.  Once you have become a member, click on the "File" link which will bring you to the files section.  Click on the "Dark Secrets" file link and you are there.

Good luck and Good reading.  Look forward to your positive comments and enquiries.


Join us on Facebook at Power and Stationary Engineers

Join us on Facebook at Power and Stationary Engineers

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