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This is Lana a woman in a
nontraditional career as a Power Engineering

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Lana the Power Engineer

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Lana is a Power Engineer Technologist and works as a control room Operator in a large industrial oil production facility. She lives with her husband on an acreage, has 2 horses, her husband and she both have their own snow mobiles and like to go hunting and fishing at their cabin in the forest.

Lana was a little luckier than Jay, Mandy and some others. She had already been accepted into a four year Civil Engineering degree program and was about to start. On the day she was to walk into her first lecture she was told about Power Engineer Technology.  That same day she pulled out of the Civil Engineering program and signed up for Power Engineer Technology.

Lana the Power Engineer

Why would anyone do such a thing? Lana says, "Because of the amount of time required to get your education and to get started is only months compared to years. The flexibility of hours worked and time off is awesome. The pay is more and the pay raises come faster than anything else I know of."

Lana the Power Engineer

Her work day can be hectic at times. Other times the day goes very well in that she has the freedom to plan the day for herself so she can accomplish duties in a way that suites her and her alone. Either way, hectic or not, the freedom factor makes a big difference in the job satisfaction area. This career has many pluses. Feeling good about what youíve accomplished for the day is another big part of it.

Lana the Mom is a Power Engineer

The great pay and numerous days off allow Lana to enjoy the good things in life. She loves spending time during her days off with her husband out at their cabin fishing and hunting. Her other hobbies while at their home include caring for and riding her two horses as well as zooming around in the winter time on her snowmobile with her hubby.

Lana says that a technical trade or career is best for her as she finds it very interesting and stimulating.  The non-traditional technical trades career for women can be very rewarding in many ways.  The money is a big plus but you have to have the interest in what you are doing.

Lana loves Power Engineering

Lana says, "If you want something better for yourself, check out Power Engineer Technology and if it looks good to you, GO FOR IT just like I did."

Lana has been in the business since 1999.

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Google search for Power Engineer Technologist website
WWW http://www.power-engineer.com 
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  • Scope of P.E.T. Technology.
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