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Power Engineer's interview with Brenda

Brenda the Power Engineer

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A very kind and talented lady I worked with.  Brenda is a Recreational Therapist and just recently a P.E.T./Stationary Engineer Her recent divorce fueled her desire to make some changes in her life for the better. She needed a change and the opportunity to better herself educationally, personally and financially.

He brother is a Power/Stationary Engineer and had told her of all the great things that Power/Stationary Engineering is all about. He encouraged her to get into Power/Stationary Engineering as he believed she would do well at it and would also enjoy it. He knew her personal attributes would enable her to overcome any obstacles that may stand in her way. Brenda is a farm girl that gets along with men well and knows how to put in a good dayís work. She enjoys physical labor. So when it came time for a change in her life she knew what her direction was.

Brenda took her brotherís advice and did some ground work first. She went for a plant tour. She spoke with some field and plant personnel over the course of a week. In the second week she applied to a local technical institution and got accepted into the Power/Stationary Engineer training program.

She was the only female in the her class of 32 people while going to school. I can remember when I was in my late twenties thinking that I was late getting into this before I started. When I got into the classes I found guys in their forties and fifties taking this stuff consequently, I didnít feel so bad. And no one should, regardless of what your age is. One should remember, you are there to accomplish your dreams.

Brenda likes Stationary Engineering because of the shift work, the time off, working nights when the bosses arenít around, the money and she works better with men than she does with women. She likes the opportunity to continually upgrade and to branch off into a specialty if one wants to while still maintaining their Power/Stationary Engineer certification.

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Brenda currently has her 4th class and is a summer student. She intends to go back to school to finish her 3rd and have half of her 2nd before she seeks full time employment. She wants to get the remainder of her 2nd through correspondence while studying at work.

Brendaís advice:

Donít let fear of challenge hold you back and rob you of your dreams.

Go for it Brenda!!


Brenda now has a full-time career with the multinational firm she did her practicum with.  Her dream has come true!  Yeaaa, Brenda!



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