This is where you learn how to get Free perks and a six figure income with this trade.
Now is the time to look at the  mind-blowing insider's secrets of Power Engineer Technology so you can see how good you can have it when you have the right career!
A Fantastic Career.
with a
Great income!

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Being employed as a Power Engineer Technologist (P.E.T.) has got to be the greatest career a person can have.  I love this career!  It's got everything you could ever want and I'll prove it to you.

Hi.  My name is David Perry.  I been in this business since 1984.  I'm here to tell you all you need to know about becoming a Power Engineer Technologist (P.E.T.), what it can be like being employed as a P.E.T. and all about the premium lifestyle you can have.

This web site is here to:

  • Give you a distinct advantage in life and career.
  • Open your eyes to all the great benefits P.E.T.s have.
  • Save you time.
  • Allow you to make more money.
  • Make your career and your life easier.
  • Give you a knowledge and wisdom advantage in P.E.T..

The Control Room photo may look like a shot from Mission Control at first glance and you might think you have to be a rocket scientist to be involved.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  It's more like owning and operating a new car.  Few people will ever fully understand what goes on in the engine compartment but, most people will develop a good feel for driving it and maybe maintaining it as well.  The difference between a P.E.T. and most people is, the P.E.T. will have knowledge of the operating principles of all things under the hood.  As a P.E.T. you will be able to troubleshoot most problems yourself as well as repair some items.  What you can't repair yourself you will have some one else with the appropriate trades ticket, do the repairs for you.  And just like driving a car has it's awesome responsibilities, so does P.E.T.  So that is kind of what P.E.T. is like.  I'll explain more as we go along.

This web site has been created for those who are looking for a new career as well as for those who have chosen Power Engineering Technology (or P.E.T. for the short version) for it's potential to create a rich and rewarding lifestyle as well as a career path that is a cut above all other trades (In my opinion.) In fact, I believe this to be better than choosing to be a Doctor or a Lawyer.  Most of the benefits with little of the demands on your time, energies, risk factors and finances.

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I will show you how this career can get you most if not all of the following FREE items and perks:

  • A six figure income!

  • That can create a very comfortable lifestyle for you.
  • Lots of time off!

  • You work about 30% fewer regular days in a year than most people who work Monday to Friday.  This gives you the time to enjoy the good things in life as well as get many things done you wouldn't otherwise have time for with a regular job.
  • Most or all your training and education is paid by government programs or your employer!

  • That means no money to borrow or student loans to pay back! That's more money in YOUR pocket. Woo hoo!!
  • All your transportation to and from work is paid by your employer as part of your benefit package!

  • Remember 60% to 80% of your car mileage and expense can be just going to and from work!  This is a big money saver!!  Saved money can be spent on more important things you want.
  • Air transportation for your vacation destinations can be at no cost as an employer spin-off benefit!

  • That can save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars a year.  That's money in the bank!!
  • All your meals and as much as you can eat can be part of your employer benefit package too!

  • For many of us that's thousands of dollars in savings every year!!
  • Hotel accommodation may be at no cost to you!

  • If you travel for work, that's an obvious plus.
  • All your work clothing from your socks and underwear to coats and gloves at no cost to you!

  • Work clothing in this business could easily cost you hundreds of dollars a year.  It's nice to have your employer foot the bill.
  • A government certified and globally recognized diploma you can take almost anywhere you want to go for FREE!

  • That's FREEDOM talking!!!
  • All the coffee you can drink to keep you vibrating all day long at no cost to you!

  • Just in case you wanted to know.
Just think of how great life could be with all the money you could make and all the money you could save!

To become certified and licensed as a doctor or a lawyer takes years of education and LOTS OF MONEY. To become certified and licensed as a P.E.T. only takes a matter of months. And if you know how, it won't cost you a dime.

I can tell you how this challenging career is accomplished the hard way and I will tell you how it's done THE EASY WAY. You'll be surprised how most of us can make things more complicated than what they really are.

This is where you find out how you can make a
six figure income
with an amazing, time honoured career.

Few people know about this.

You can do it with far less effort than if you were working as a common labourer.
I say that because I witness it every day.

I will tell how:

  • You can work about 6 months of the year and still bring home $60,000 to $75,000 a year.
  • You can make Double time pay.
  • You can make Triple Time pay
  • You can even make QUADRUPLE TIME PAY!
  • You can make a six figure income!
I made my first $100,000 in 1992 so that should give you an idea of what the possibilities are to clear the $100,000 mark these days.  Wages have increased every year since then.
This is so you can have
the money you need
the time off
to enjoy all the good things in life
a career like this can bring YOU!

I will tell you why few people have heard of this amazing little career.  And for those who have heard about this career, I will tell you why they were given only a small fraction of the real story.

I will also tell you the SECRETS as to why the majority who are in this career keep missing out on some of the really great stuff.   You will have photo after photo, and descriptions of what people do every day in this exciting and rewarding career.

Deep from the inner sanctums of refineries, power plants and chemical plants, from the depths of skyscraper sub, sub-basements to their lofty roof tops,
I will tell you everything.

Deep from within the heavily guarded control rooms of industry I will also show you everything about this satisfying & astonishing career.

There are some good employers out there that can provide similar great benefits like the the ones I have described. Also there are some BAD employers where you risk your life on a daily basis. I will tell you how to differentiate the good from the bad so you can better make your own decisions about who to go with.

At work, we have a special exercise room with a 4 station work out machine.  We negotiated with our employer to have it available to us  24/7.  I thought you might want to know.

Something else you should know about this career:

This has got to be the MOST RECESSION PROOF CAREER I know of in the world!  Why?  I'll tell you why and prove it to you at the same time.  You will get training in all of the following occupations:

  • Power plant operator
  • Lubrication technology
  • Welding
  • Lab technician
  • Boiler operator
  • Gas plant operator
  • Control Room Operator
  • Heating plant operator
  • Process unit operator
  • Chemical plant operator
  • Refinery operator
  • Valve technician
  • Drinking water treatment technician
  • Sewage treatment technician
  • Electrician
  • Electronics technician
  • Pump house operator
  • Compressor station operator
  • Pipeline control room operator
  • Instrumentation technician
  • Environmental controls technician
  • Air conditioning mechanic/technician
  • Pipe fitter
  • Gas fitter
  • Steam fitter
  • Jet engine mechanics
  • Diesel engine repair
  • Heavy equipment technician
  • Commercial/industrial/residential sales person for materials and equipment
  • Hotel or building mechanical or technical supervisor
  • Mechanical or technical systems supervisor for a town or city or large business complex.

Now that's a whole lot better than being trained in just one trade or vocation.  Anyone with average intelligence can easily do this.  After all,___ I did it...

You will see from the information supplied on this web site that almost any average person can attain the career and lifestyle goals that some professionals do.

There are men and women of all ages, races, nationalities, social economic backgrounds, shapes and sizes that are involved in P.E.T.  This web site is designed to provide you an overview of the vast variety of career paths one can take with this extremely versatile and exciting ticket.

This career is best suited to those who have a mechanical aptitude and demonstrate good horse sense.  Most positions involve shift work so you should be open minded about working 8 and 12 hour rotating shifts.  If you don't fit into these categories this may not be the career for you.

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